The Benefits of Brain Gym®  

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Who can Brain Gym help?
The short answer is - just about everybody. It offers you a simple, inexpensive, drug-free approach to many of life's challenges; and it generally produces demonstrable results within the first few sessions.

Brain Gym developed out of studies in educational kinesiology directed at helping children with learning difficulties. Today, it is helping children with ADD, ADHD, and other classroom problems. It can also help good students in high school and college gain an extra level of success. Young people and adults of all ages use Brain Gym in a broad variety of everyday experiences ...

  gain an edge at work
  prepare for academic challenges
  overcome fear
  change inappropriate behaviours
  handle stress effectively
  calm an agitated mind
  support a healthy lifestyle
  develop creativity in the arts
  enhance conversation
  enhance social skills
  improve sports performance
  train for athletic events

You can get Brain Gym going for you by contacting The Brain Gym Connection.  For other people in your life, how about a gift of Brain Gym to help them achieve that much-desired success!

For formal training in salesmanship and sports, go to the Brain Gym Foundation's home page in California: Switched-on Selling Switched-on Golf

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