Courses and Workshops:

Introduction to Brain Gym®: a 6 hour workshop for those looking for a taste of what Brain Gym is all about.  A 6 hour credit towards the Educational Kinesiology Certificate Brain Gym course will be granted for those wishing to pursue further study/experience with Brain Gym.  [Course Schedule]

Brain Gym® 101*:    This 24 hr/4 day course teaches you the movements, and shows you how to use them to improve your own learning and performance in any area of endeavour. You will also be able to use Brain Gym to help other people. 
*Brain Gym 101 or Brain Gym for Educators are prerequisite to all other Brain Gym certificate courses.
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Brain Gym®  for Educators*: a 32 hour course geared to the needs of teachers. Learn how to use Brain Gym in the classroom to help your students perform better in academics and sports. 
*Brain Gym 101 or Brain Gym for Educators are prerequisite to all other Brain Gym certificate courses.
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Brain Gym® for the Little Ones: This 6.5 hour course is designed for ECE teachers, other professionals who work with children, and parents of infants and children. Learn how to introduce infants and young children to the joys of Brain Gym®.
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Learning Styles: a brain dominance profile can reveal a person's preferred learning style and what is blocked under stress. This understanding can have a profound effect on students' self esteem as it becomes clear that there are positive Brain Gym strategies for helping them get beyond their learning blocks. (Private session)

Personal Sessions: Educational Kinesiology is designed to help people improve performance in any field. We answer your specific needs and find the best way for you to achieve your goal.

Brain Gym® for Seniors: a program tailored to the needs of seniors. If you're interested in keeping your memory sharp, your senses alert and your whole body energized, this is for you.


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