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Movement Based Learning for Children of All Abilities
2nd Edition (2012)
. By Cecilia Koester, M. Ed.

Have you ever wondered how to modify a Brain Gym activity for yourself or for a student?  This book is a wonderful resource and is available at



Educate Your Brain is a new book by Kathy Brown, M.Ed. Sharing her experiences with the Brain Gym Program. Kathy says, “My goal was to bring together all the simplified basics of the amazing Brain Gym® program, making them both understandable to the newcomer and useful to the seasoned Edu-K consultant.”

This book is in three sections:

  • The first chapters go step-by-step through the PACE process, describing the benefits of the four Brain Gym movements that are its components.
  • The middle section explores diverse elements of theory and practice.

And the third section illustrates how Brain Gym can be used in a wide variety of situations throughout life.

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Brain Gym and Brain Gym Teacher's Edition by Paul E. Dennison and Gail E. Dennison
This companion to Edu-K for Kids is the book that reaches out to all with the message that movement and learning are necessary companions. Every page is full of high-energy illustrations of activities that are available to people of all ages. If you know that you or your child have the ability or the information but can't seem to "get it out," you need a copy of Brain Gym

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Brain Gym for Business by Gail  E. Dennison, Paul E. Dennison, and Jerry Teplitz.
For everyone in business from the receptionist to the C.E.O., this delightful book has short Brain Gym routines to do at the office for the specific skills you need for success in your job.


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Making the Brain/Body Connection  
by Sharon Promislow
"Making the Brain Body Connection synthesizes elements from the most up-to-date learning, brain, and stress theories, with Specialized Kinesiology, into a user-friendly model for effective personal change and state management. Discover how you can be more effective, learn more easily, and feel better." -Sharon Promislow

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The Dominance Factor by Carla Hannaford
The Dominance Factor clearly explains why an individual's dominance profile is such an important factor in shaping thought processes and behavior. This is a book that will help parents, teachers, and anyone who seeks to understand the mystery of human development.

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I Am the Child: Using Brain Gym With Children Who Have Special Needs:
by Cecilia K. Freeman with Gail E. Dennison
I Am the Child is an exciting and innovative work that will bring untold riches to parents, educators, and therapists as well as to children and adults who have special needs.

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Smart Moves by Carla Hannaford
Smart Moves is a popular, readable book which explores the nature of intelligence and how the body/mind processes sensation, emotion, and thought. It emphasizes the power of Brain Gym to enhance learning for everyone, and the role of movement in reducing stress.



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