The Brain Gym® Connection is a team of qualified practitioners and teachers of Brain Gym® working together to bring the Brain Gym® concepts to our local communities, schools and businesses.   We offer introductory and certified Brain Gym instruction as well as individual consultation.

Brain Gym® is a series of gentle movement activities which can enhance learning for individuals of all ages and all walks of life.   These activities which are based on Educational kinesthestics (known as EduK) were developed by renowned educational therapist Dr. Paul Dennison.  These movement activities are fun, fascinating and easy to do for everyone.  They stimulate mental alertness, sharpen memory skills and build self-esteem.  Brain Gym® promotes efficient communication among the many nerve cells and functional centres located throughout the brain and body.  Blocks in learning and balance occur when information cannot flow freely among these centres.  The Brain Gym® movements stimulate this flow of information within the body and brain, freeing our innate ability to learn and function at top efficiency.




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